Who I Am

They call me Chuck. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I sling code for a living. This site is where I blog about it sometimes. I live in a cute mid-century ranch house with my wife and two kids and I like cats and reading. I grew up in Waterloo where my parents ran a small construction company.

What I do

Software development

I got into programming as a kid in the mid-1980s. After playing stuff like Oregon Trail and Fraction Munchers at school I wanted to know how they made those things so I started picking up on LOGO and BASIC. Since I was rather a troublesome student, my teachers saw an opportunity to get me out of their hair by letting me run loose in the school computer lab instead of their classrooms. It was several years before my family could afford a computer so I wrote a lot of code by hand in notebooks and typed it in at the public library on Saturdays while trading pirated games with other nerds. That was just the beginning, obviously, but it took me until the mid-2000s to start making a career of it. By now I have enough experience to be adept at picking up programming languages, frameworks, and so on, as needed.


Finding much of the technical knowledge I’d picked up being made swiftly obsolete in my teen years, and lacking the perspective at first to see what was more broadly applicable, I turned my attention to music. I had started out playing trumpet in school and eventually got quite good at it and was also strongly drawn to the sound of the electric bass guitar. I became especially enamored of unconventional, experimental, and avant-garde approaches to music and to punk/underground musical communities. I continue to be active in music and the noise scene utilizing a variety of instruments and electronic hardware and am always up for new collaborations.


I’ve blogged intermittently, especially on the subjects of software development and music. Given that I consider code and music to be forms of language, this seems quite natural.

Other things I get into

I continue to be fascinated by older technology and believe strongly in the preservation of computing and video-gaming history. I enjoy various sorts of games and take an interest in emancipatory politics. I am especially drawn to pursuits that combine my various interests.

An invitation

I may or may not be currently employed when you read this but I am always open to interesting opportunities. Should you suspect I might be a good fit for something, or if you’re just interested in more specific details about any of my various projects and hobbies, feel free to contact me via any of the social-media channels linked to on this site.