Couple changes to the ol’ site here. First, I’ve moved it off Github Pages and onto the Dreamhost shared-hosting account I’ve had for ages. If you tried to visit this morning (unlikely) and had trouble, it’s probably owing to the DNS and SSL setup getting switched over.

Also I dug up a bunch of old tech-related posts from old blogs I had years back and added them on here. I haven’t read them recently and I’m sure they’re probably pretty cringe, but on the other hand it probably looks good to show I’ve been at this for a minute and have learned and evolved.

I’m decently settled into a new job and it’s going well, so with any luck I’ll be writing more here in the near future.

Chuck Hoffman

Chuck Hoffman
I'm from Iowa. I sling code for a living and get pretty into it. I also do some fun things with experimental music and retro-tech.


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