Once upon a time I blogged a lot. Then I kind of got over myself. I have strong opinions weakly held so I don’t feel a need to evangelize them much. I may try to put in an article here every so often to just say how I am and how things are going in general though. I guess it doesn’t hurt to sort of reintroduce yourself each time you post if it’s infrequent. It’s just your new home page anyway. Not like I have followers.

I’m a software developer in Iowa. I’m about agile and TDD and pairing and collaboration and collective learning and stuff. I’m less about specific like, frameworks or programming languages or platforms or “tech stacks”. A lot of underlying ideas are repeated and refined over the years in successive products and you start to kind of automatically pattern-match new ones as they crop up. Or at least I do. I’m not sure everyone has this experience. Learning builds upon previous learning in a network model though so the potential connections grow at a higher order than the number of concepts they might connect. Humans are pattern matching machines and we kind of prime ourselves for these experiences if we can. I’m cynical on the cult of smart, though.

Naturally, I’m writing for something to do at the moment because I don’t have current work. Maybe you could hire me. I’m pretty ok. Check out the about page and anything else you can find from the menus up top.


Chuck Hoffman

Chuck Hoffman
I'm from Iowa. I sling code for a living and get pretty into it. I also do some fun things with experimental music and retro-tech.


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