Via a completely off-topic post in the forum over at The Daily WTF comes this nifty link: TIOBE’s TPCI - The Programming Community Index, ranking the popularity of programming languages. Java is still going strong at the top, despite a perceived backlash. But I have to ask myself, what’s with the sudden jumps in the rankings of Visual FoxPro and ColdFusion? The statistics seem a bit suspect there – certainly I’d not been aware of any major boom in those languages. The language I’m currently making my living in, ActionScript, comes in way down at 28th, while I’m pleased to see that “Lisp/Scheme” is approaching “mainstream language” status with an A– rating and a ranking of 14th, up three positions from a year ago. I suspect this may be in part due to their lumping Lisp/Scheme dialects together as one entry, however, whereas C and C++ are kept separate, as are other languages that are highly similar and/or closely related. I suppose it’s hard to say sometimes where to draw the line between certain languages, or even to define what a programming language really is. I notice no mention of JScript, so I wonder if it is considered equivalent to JavaScript – both of them are ECMAScript-derived, but then again so is ActionScript. Anyway, had they made separate entries for Scheme and Common Lisp, I suspect neither of them would have as high a showing individually as does their composite entry. Interesting information nonetheless.

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Chuck Hoffman
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